Board of Directors

Name Title

Patrick P. Montuore

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Harry E. Phillips

Executive Director

Tim Quinn

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Safris


Gil Curtis


John Ciuppa


Tracy DeSantis

Recording Secretary

John Jedrejczyk

Board Member

Scott Hobbs

Board Member

Erik Heller

Board Member

Paul Reed

Board Member

Chris Jacksic

Board Member

Joseph Longo

Board Member

Kathy Riddell

Board Member

Derek Fogg

Delegate, Chapter I

John Gansert Sr.

Delegate, Chapter II

Gil Curtis

Delegate, Chapter VII

Griggs Wall

Delegate, Chapter VIII

Rick Burrows

Delegate, Chapter IX

Nicholas Szymanski

Delegate, Chapter 10

Pat O’Brien

Delegate, Chapter XIII


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