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Use of population-based surveillance to defne the high incidence of shigellosis in an urban slum in Nairobi generic flexeril 15mg visa, Kenya discount flexeril 15 mg online. Antimicrobial resistance in Shigella species isolated in Dakar cheap flexeril 15mg with visa, Senegal (2004-2006) generic flexeril 15mg with visa. Laboratory based surveillance of travel-related Shigella sonnei and Shigella fexneri in Alberta from 2002 to 2007. Comparative in vitro activity of tigecycline and other antimicrobial agents against Shigella species from Kuwait and the United Arab of Emirates. Factors associated with acute diarrhoea in children in Dhahira, Oman: a hospital-based study. Frequency of isolation of various subtypes and antimicrobial resistance of Shigella from urban slums of Karachi, Pakistan. Surveillance of antibiotic susceptibility patterns among Shigella species in stools of diarrheal children. Bacterial etiology and antimicrobials susceptibility of diarrhea among displaced communities during 2006-2008. Surveillance of antibiotic susceptibility patterns among Shigella sonnei strains isolated in Belgium during the 18-year period 1990 to 2007. Antimicrobial resistance in Shigella--rapid increase & widening of spectrum in Andaman Islands, India. Surveillance of antibiotic susceptibility pattern among shigella exneri strain isolated in Nagpur district during three years period, January 2009-January 2012. Subtype prevalence, plasmid proles and growing uoroquinolone resistance in Shigella from Kolkata, India (2001-2007): a hospital-based study. A perspective study on the etiology of diarrhea in children less than 12 years of age attending Kanti Childrens Hospital. Travelers diarrhea in Nepal: an update on the pathogens and antibiotic resistance. Antimicrobial susceptibilities of enteric bacterial pathogens isolated in Kathmandu, Nepal, during 2002-2004. A changing picture of shigellosis in southern Vietnam: shifting species dominance, antimicrobial susceptibility and clinical presentation. Antimicrobial susceptibility of Shigella isolates in eight Asian countries, 2001-2004. Retrospective analysis of antimircrobial susceptibility trends (2000-2009) in Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from countries in Latin America and the Caribean shows evolving resistance to ciprofoxacin, azithromycin and decreased susceptibility to ceftriaxone. Increasing trend of resistance to penicilin, tetracycline and fuoroquinoloe resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae from Pakistan (1992-2009). Screening of pregnant women attending the antenatal care clinic of a tertiary hospital in eastern Saudi Arabia for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae infections. Antimicrobial susceptibility/ resistance and molecular epidemiological characteristics of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in 2009 in Belarus. Trends in antimicrobial susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Israel, 2002 to 2007, with special reference to fuoroquinolone resistance. Where possible, searches were The systematic review was conducted in line with limited to human studies. No date or language limits the Cochrane handbook for systematic reviews of were applied to the clinical or economics searches, interventions (1). The comprehensive search Population, intervention, comparator and strategy is available on request. Clinical diversity was assessed were applied to each title and abstract identifed in the by checking that the patients, exposures and settings literature search by two independent reviewers in a were not so diferent across studies that combining standardized manner. Methodological diversity by discussion and consensus with a third review was assessed by checking that the studies were similar author. Any study passing the selection criteria was in terms of study design and risk of bias. The eligibility criteria were Once satisfed that the studies were minimally diverse then applied and a fnal decision made for inclusion. Assessment of reporting bias Studies were excluded if they were: Reporting bias was assessed by constructing funnel plots, as well as bias indicators (e. Egger, Harbold- reports of patients with colonization only (10% Egger) for each outcome. A meta-analysis was undertaken using fxed or Data extraction and management random-efects models when data were available, All information was extracted using a standardized data sufciently similar and of sufcient quality. This quality assessment instrument evaluates cohort studies along three dimensions: selection of although evidence derived from observational studies cohorts, comparability of cohorts and ascertainment was considered as low-quality evidence supporting of outcome. Issues related specifcally to observational an estimate of intervention efect, three factors could studies including confounding and selective analysis result in upgrading of the evidence large efect, reporting were carefully evaluated and incorporated dose response and all plausible confounders or biases into the analysis and interpretation. Ultimately, the quality of evidence for each outcome fell into four categories: very low, low, moderate and high. A small study found that there was not a signicant increase in the risk of health-care facility transfer for patients with carbapenem-resistant K. The literature search identifed 17 426 references possibly relevant for the question. Three studies (7, 8, 10) were included in both the estimates of the other three studies. Fluoroquinolone-resistant Escherichia coli infections Infections caused by third-generation All studies included were conducted in high-income cephalosporin-resistant Escherichia coli countries. No studies were located from low-income or infections lower-middle-income countries. Data from studies contributed to this estimate and the results 16 studies contributed to this estimate and the were consistent / similar across the studies. Data from four 30-day mortality: There was a signifcant increase studies contributed to this estimate and the results in 30-day mortality for fuoroquinolone-resistant were consistent across the studies. Data from the estimate from one study (12) that did not 11 studies contributed to this estimate and the indicate greater 30-day mortality in patients with results were consistent across the studies. However, mortality in patients with infections caused data from the two studies (11, 17) that contributed by third-generation cephalosporin-resistant to this estimate were inconsistent, with the estimate K. Once duplicates were caused by third-generation cephalosporin-resistant removed, 13 095 remained, of which 444 references K. Data from three studies (46, 50, 55) Klebsiella pneumoniae infections contributed to this estimate and the results were Of the 24 included studies (Table A3. The results caused by third-generation cephalosporin-resistant were too inconsistent to pool into a single estimate, K. Only three studies were included from upper-middle-income Transfer to other health-care facility: One small countries, and there were no included studies from study (71) reported transfer to another health-care low- or lower-middle-income countries. From the facility and found no signifcant increase in the risk included studies (Table A3.

Near infrared spectrophotometry for the diagnosis of vasculogenic erectile Cade Brian W generic 15mg flexeril mastercard. Feasibility of the use of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors in a Cakan M purchase 15 mg flexeril visa, Yalcinkaya F buy flexeril 15 mg on-line, Demirel F et al generic 15 mg flexeril visa. Br J penile vein ligation (dpvl) still a treatment option in Sex Med 2006;3(6):1077-1084. Long-term oral phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor therapy alleviates recurrent Calil I, Tineli R A, Vicente W V D A et al. Nitric oxide/redox-based issues in the pharmacological management of benign signalling as a therapeutic target for penile disorders. Timing of Anales de la Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia pubertal maturation and the onset of sexual behavior 2005;71(2):283-319. Potential therapeutic targets in the rapidly expanding field of purinergic signalling. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Campling Penelope, E-Mail Address, Campling Penelope et al. Engineering 2005;65(9-B):2005, pp Connection and catastrophe, hope and despair in our borderline world. Pro-erectile 1998;(1998):698 effects of an alkaloidal rich fraction from Aspidosperma ulei root bark in mice. Pilot intervention to Ammerman, Robert T (Ed) 1994;(1994):512 enhance sexual rehabilitation for couples after treatment for localized prostate carcinoma. Three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis implantation: a comparison of the penoscrotal and Carraro J C, Raynaud J P, Koch G et al. J La State Med Soc of phytotherapy (Permixon) with finasteride in the 1996;148(7):296-301. Radiation-induced decrease in nitric oxide synthase--containing nerves in Cappelleri J C, Rosen R C, Smith M D et al. Combination of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors and Catalona W J, Carvalhal G F, Mager D E et al. Penile prosthesis implantation: surgical implants in Catton C, Milosevic M, Warde P et al. Urol Clin North prostate cancer following external beam radiotherapy: Am 2005;32(4):503-509. Therapeutic switching: A new strategic penile prosthesis: results of a long-term multicenter study. Getting more mileage out of a tankful of dysfunction in the 21st century: Whom we can treat, whom we new molecular entities?. The role of nitric oxide in assessment of sexual functions in women with male penile erection. Premature ejaculation: A common and treatable Century Gillian, Leavey Gerard, Payne Helen et al. Evaluation of impotent men with intracorporeal injection of Casey R, Tarride J E, Keresteci M A et al. Laser ablation of the prostate versus transurethral resection of the prostate Cassels A, Wright J M, Mintzes B et al. Alternative & Complementary Therapies tumor resection of potency-sparing radical prostatectomy. The use of and nociceptin have similar naloxone-insensitive erectile activity humor in psychotherapy. Pharmacological therapy of benign penile erection by intracavernosal and transurethral prostatic hyperplasia/lower urinary tract symptoms: administration of novel nitric oxide donors in the cat. Annals of the College of Surgeons of monophosphate system with type V phosphodiesterase Hong Kong 2004;8(3):83-89. J Am Soc Nephrol evaluation of terazosin for the treatment of autonomic 2006;17(10):2742-2747. Prospective induce naloxone-precipitated withdrawal syndromes in comparison of topical minoxidil to vacuum constriction device rats. The impact of diuretic snap gauge band measurements: is the extra cost therapy on reported sexual function. Increased Movement Disorder Induced by Fluoxetine With contractility of diabetic rabbit corpora smooth muscle in Management of Dystonia by Botulinum Toxin Type response to endothelin is mediated via Rho-kinase beta. Sonographic generation by corpus cavernosum smooth muscle in rabbits with measurement of penile erectile volume. Acupuncture treatment of functional non-ejaculation: a Choi H K, Seong D H, Rha K H. J Trad Chin Med 1993 Mar 1993;13(1):10 Korean red ginseng for erectile dysfunction. Effects of antihypertensive drugs on erectile Chong S T, Beasley H S, Daffner R H. Clinical trial of Butea superba, Horizon of a new hope: Recovery of schizophrenia in an alternative herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction. Photomedicine and Laser Surgery Review of historical, epidemiologic, and physiopathologic data. Br J Urol Atomoxetine, a novel treatment for attention-deficit 1991;68(2):181-186. A double-blind comparison of the efficacy and safety of lacidipine and hydrochlorothiazide in essential Chrubasik S, Model A, Black A et al. Long-term follow-up study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the doxazosin Choi H K, Choi Y J, Choi Y D et al. The impact of aging on penile hemodynamics in normal responders to pharmacological Cohen J L, Keoleian C M, Krull E A. Post-tensioning and splicing of flap as an adjunct in preventing urethrocutaneous fistulas in precast/prestressed bridge beams to extend spans. Principles and results of high- intensity focused ultrasound for localized prostate Ciancio S J, Kim E D. Diabetes, Nutrition & Metabolism - associated with conventional and atypical Clinical & Experimental 2002;15(1):44-49. Recurrent priapism during treatment with clozapine Cirino G, Fusco F, Imbimbo C et al. Omeprazole 20mg uid and ranitidine 150mg bid Deer Velvet on Sexual Function in Men and Their in the treatment of benign gastric ulcer. Pelvic floor exercise versus surgery in the Concannon P, Roberts P, Parks J et al. Living with treatment (Marmota monax), with and without removal of decisions: regrets and quality of life among men treated for bulbourethral glands.

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Effect on blood pressure buy cheap flexeril 15mg line, renal function order 15 mg flexeril overnight delivery, and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system quality 15 mg flexeril. Comparison of effects of enalapril plus hydrochloro- thiazide versus standard triple therapy on renal function in renovascular hyper- tension buy 15 mg flexeril visa. Effects of converting enzyme inhibi- tion on split renal function in renovascular hypertension. Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and cation of the Randomized Aldactone Evaluation Study. Managing hyperkalemia caused by inhibitors of the renin- angiotensin-aldosterone system. Care and referral of adult patients with reduced kidney function: Position paper from the Canadian Society of Nephrology. Can J Diabetes 42 (2018) S210S216 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Canadian Journal of Diabetes journal homepage: www. Screening intervals for diabetic retinopathy vary according to the Denition and Pathogenesis individuals age and type of diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy is clinically dened, diagnosed and treated Local intraocular pharmacological therapies have the potential to improve based on the extent of retinal vascular disease detected by oph- vision and reduce the level of retinopathy. Discuss the recommended frequency with your diabetes health- liorated by ranibizumab therapy) (8). The Eye Diseases Preva- assessment of retinal thickening of the area and distance from the lence Research Group determined the crude prevalence rate of foveal centre (the centre of the macula responsible for high- retinopathy in the adult population with diabetes of the United States acuity vision), with or without hard exudates (9). Macular edema Since therapies are available for sight-threatening diabetic reti- occurs in 11%, 15% and 4% of these groups, respectively (3). Higher nopathy, which reduce the risk of blindness, ophthalmic screen- prevalence rates have been noted in Indigenous populations in ing strategies are necessary to identify treatable disease (913). Screening can be performed with dilated ophthalmoscopy, fundus Visual loss is associated with signicant morbidity, including imaging (photographypreferably standard 7 eld or wide eld increased falls, hip fracture and a 4-fold increase in mortality (6). With improved multimodal treatment options, Conict of interest statements can be found on page S214. Diabetic retinopathy rarely develops in children with type 1 dia- Glycemic control betes <10 years of age regardless of the duration of diabetes (18). Controversy, therefore, exists on whether the ment or progression of retinopathy (42). In type 1 diabetes, rapid ideal approach to screening is a population-wide screening program improvement of glycemia may be associated with transient early with regular intervals or the development of personalized protocols. More recently, progression rates of diabetic retinopa- Treatment of Hypertension chapter, p. Active treatment with in both the active intervention and control groups, active treat- fenobrate was associated with an increase in high-density lipo- ment did not show additional benet vs. The study included 21 randomized controlled clini- and reduces legal blindness by 90% in people with severe cal trials and 13,823 participants. Results of these analyses suggest nonproliferative or proliferative retinopathy (1012). The percentage of participants with ment in the primary and secondary outcome measures of best cor- improvement from baseline letter score of 15 or more at month 24 rected visual acuity and reduction in central macular thickness. However, unlike ranibizumab and aibercept, intraocular injec- to achieve good vision with early vitrectomy compared to conven- tion of bevacizumab in diabetic retinopathy constitutes off-label use tional management (73). All 3 agents effects with more consistent favourable visual outcomes, thus sup- demonstrated improvement of visual acuity and reduction in central porting vitrectomy in advanced proliferative diabetic retinopathy macular thickness both at year 1 (66) and year 2. Furthermore, these advances have expanded surgical indica- aibercept was noted in the group of participants with worse base- tions to include earlier vitrectomy for diffuse macular edema, par- line visual acuity. This superiority of aibercept at year 2 with gains ticularly with vitreomacular traction (76). Injectable agents include triamcinolone, dexametha- signicantly improved visual outcome. The percentage of participants with 15-letter improvement pendence and ongoing quality of life (81,82). In individuals 15 years of age with type 1 diabetes, screening and evalu- References ation for retinopathy should be performed annually by an experienced vision care professional (optometrist or ophthalmologist) starting 5 years 1. Effect of pregnancy after the onset of diabetes [Grade A, Level 1 (16,18)] (for screening rec- on microvascular complications in the diabetes control and complications trial. In individuals with type 2 diabetes, screening and evaluation for dia- betic retinopathy. Ophthalmology 1984;91:1464 betic retinopathy should be performed by an experienced vision care pro- 74. The interval for follow-up assess- betic retinopathy screening and eye-care in British Columbias First Nations Com- ments should be tailored to the severity of the retinopathy [Grade D, Con- munities. Screening for diabetic retinopathy in James Bay, Ontario: A cost-effectiveness analysis. Impact of unilateral and bilateral vision loss for children and adolescents with type 2 diabetes, see Type 2 Diabetes in on quality of life. Associations of mortality and diabetes com- plications in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes: Early treatment dia- 3. Screening for diabetic retinopathy should be performed by an experi- betic retinopathy study report no. Neutralization of vascular endo- person or through interpretation of retinal photographs taken through thelial growth factor slows progression of retinal nonperfusion in patients with dilated pupils [Grade A, Level 1 (13)] or undilated pupils with high- diabetic macular edema. Photocoagulation treatment of proliferative diabetic retinopathy: The second report of diabetic retinopathy study ndings. Diabet Med in addition to statin therapy, may be used in people with type 2 diabetes 2003;20:75865. The Wisconsin epidemiologic study of by a qualied ophthalmologist and/or retina specialist [Grade D, Consen- diabetic retinopathy. Four-year incidence and progression of diabetic reti- nopathy when age at diagnosis is less than 30 years. Four-year incidence and progression of diabetic retinopathy when age at diagnosis is 30 years or more. Visually disabled people should be referred for low-vision evaluation and 1989;107:2449. Prevalence and risk of diabetic retinopathy when age at Abbreviations: diagnosis is less than 30 years. United Kingdom prospective diabetes study, 30: Diabetic retinopathy at diagnosis of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and associated risk factors. Accuracy and reliability of teleophthalmology for diagnosing dia- Diabetes and Pregnancy, p. Real-time ultrawide eld image evalu- Author Disclosures ation of retinopathy in a diabetes telemedicine program. Lovshin reports grants ultrawide eld imaging predict increased risk of diabetic retinopathy progres- from Sano Canada and Merck Canada; personal fees from sion over 4 years. Effect of pregnancy on progression of diabetic reti- ment diabetic retinopathy follow-up study. Metabolic control and progression of reti- monotherapy or combined with laser versus laser monotherapy for diabetic nopathy.

The risk of cancer depends on the duration and extent of the disease generic flexeril 15mg free shipping, and may be reduced by medical treatment to reduce disease activity and surveillance colonoscopy cheap 15mg flexeril amex. Endocrine tumours of the pancreas Endocrine tumours These are very rare indeed but are sometimes dis- cussed in examinations purchase flexeril 15mg overnight delivery. Fasting cells are the hormone-secreting cells found chiey produces prolonged hypoglycaemia with high insulin Gastroenterology 135 levelsintheserum cheap flexeril 15 mg free shipping. Admit to hospital (trivial bleeding can quickly pro- gress to exsanguination), where management should Glucagonoma follow local protocol. Patients should be evaluated immediately and Glucagonoma is a tumour of the a cells which pro- resuscitated if there is evidence of intravascular vol- duces a syndrome of mild diabetes with diarrhoea, ume loss: weight loss, anaemia, glossitis and a migratory necro- lytic rash. Take blood for grouping and cross-matching, creatinine, urea and electro- lytes, liver function tests including the prothrombin time and full blood count with platelets. Treat shock if present with transfusion of blood Gastrointestinal (or colloid if blood is not yet available) and monitor by frequent pulse and blood pressure. If the patient haemorrhage has cardiac disease or is elderly, or if the bleeding is continuous and severe, a central venous pressure Upper gut monitor can help to guide further transfusion and Aetiology rebleeding. The urine output should be monitored in Peptic ulcer accounts for 5070% of non-variceal shocked patients. Selective angiography may show varices, oesophageal ulcer and gastrointestinal malig- the site of active bleeding if not previously deter- nancy areassociated with increased risk of death. Poor mined, particularly when angiodysplasia must be ex- prognostic factors include older age, comorbid illness, cluded. If bleeding is sufciently fast (2ml/min) a presentation with syncope, evidence of continued labelled red blood cell isotope scan or selective angi- bleeding or rebleeding, low initial haemoglobin and ography may help to locate bleeding, e. Rebleeding is more likely if the Clinical presentation endoscopyshowsadherentclotoravisiblenon-bleed- ing vessel in an ulcer. Haematemesis is a reliable indication of bleeding Proton-pump inhibitors reduce mortality, rebleed- above the duodenojejunal exure as is bright-red ing and the need for surgical intervention (see Trials rectal bleeding of the lower colon or rectum. Intravenous bolus followed by continuous colour of altered blood passed per rectum is related infusion of proton-pump inhibitor should be consid- to transit time more than to the site of bleeding. Patients should be advised Faintness, weakness, sweating, palpitation and not to smoke. Indications for surgery (in haemorrhage from peptic ulcer) Chronic Surgery should be considered in patients who bleed Bleeding from hiatus hernia and gastric carcinoma is after endoscopic treatment. The strategy of (Health Technology Assessment 2007; 11(51): giving oral proton-pump inhibitor before and after iiiiv, 1164. Steatorrhoea signies malabsorption of fat, and is Other very rare causes include polyps and vascular denedas a faecal fat excretion ofmore than18mmol/ abnormalities, such as arteriovenous malformations, day (6g/day) on a normal fat intake (50100g). Apart angiodysplasia of the ascending colon, PeutzJeghers from the occasions when the cause of steatorrhoea is syndrome (small intestinal polyposis and blotchy obvious (such as obstructive jaundice), the diagnostic pigmentation around the mouth) and RenduOsler problem revolves around the differentiation between Weber(hereditary(autosomaldominant)haemorrha- enteropathy (commonly gluten-induced) and other gictelangiectasiainwhichthin-walleddilatatedblood causes of steatorrhoea. In patients with peptic ulcers and Gastroenterology 137 more of its complications (e. There is an Children may develop rickets increased incidence in near-relatives, and an associ- Vitamin B group Glossitis and angular stomatitis ation with variants in the interleukin 18 receptor Vitamin K Decient prothrombin formation accessory protein gene on chromosome 2q12. Anti-tissue transglutaminase and anti- Associated impairment of amino- endomysial antibodies have largely replaced anti- acid absorption gliadin and anti-retiuclin antibodies in diagnosis. Theremaybeahistory of intermittent small and large intestinal carcinoma in gluten- abdominal colic, atus and abdominal distension. If the malabsorption started in childhood, the patient Treatment may be short compared with unaffected siblings or parents. Children may present with irritability, Lifelong adeherence to a gluten-free diet is essential. Assess bone ally patients do not have gastrointestinal symptoms, mineral density and initiate treatment to prevent but present with anaemia, osteoporosis, abnormal osteoporosis if indicated (p. The malabsorption involves not only fat and the Other causes of malabsorption fat-soluble vitamins but also minerals and water- soluble vitamins (Table 12. Bile salt deciency Patients present with obstructive jaundice usually Examination secondary to carcinoma of the head of the pancreas or to gallstones or, rarely, in primary biliary cirrhosis Inadditiontothefeaturesmentionedabovetheremay or bile duct stricture. It may be very difcult to differ- Diagnosis depends on demonstrating villous atrophy entiate between chronic pancreatitis and carcinoma on duodenal biopsy, and can be conrmed by repeat at presentation. Straight abdominal X-ray can demonstrate the pres- coli and Bacteroides) break down dietary tryptophan ence of calcication of the pancreas or of gallstones, to produce indoxylsulphate (indican) which is excret- which favour chronic pancreatitis. Ultrasound, which can be difcult to interpret, indican excretion of more than 80mg/24h. The biliary tract, neighbouring struc- malabsorptionisdifculttoprove,butthesteatorrhoea tures and uid collections can be shown. It may occur after gastrec- ducts from partial obstruction at the sphincter of tomy as a result of reduced acid and pepsin, and Oddi. Thereleased the biliary tract and help dene tumours and cystic 14C amino acid is transported to the liver and metab- lesions. Tests of exocrine pancreatic function These are rarely used clinically because they are dif- Rare causes cult to perform. The uid is analysed for pancreatic byprimaryenzymedeciency,oraspartofageneral enzymes and bicarbonate. The most important is isolatedlactasedeciencywhichpresents,usuallyin Bentiromide is a synthetic peptide that releases para- children, with milk intolerance and malabsorption. Thediagnosisis conrmedby Symptoms of pancreatic malabsorption are im- absence of lactase activity in the jejunal mucosa on proved by a low-fat diet (40g/day), replacing minerals biopsy. Management consists of withdrawal of milk and vitamins, and giving pancreatic supplements (e. Tropicalsprueisadisorderthatproducessteatorrhoea Incomplete food mixing may follow gastrectomy or andoccursalmostexclusivelyinEuropeansinorfrom gastroenterostomy and there may be a diminished the tropics, especially in India and the Far East. The disease frequently remits Abnormal intestinal organisms spontaneously on return from the tropics. In some casesthatdonotremit,acourseofparenteralfolicacid, Bacterial overgrowth can be distinguished from ileal metronidazole or oral tetracycline may be curative. Gastroenterology 139 Investigation of malabsorption between adjacent loops of the bowel, indicating thickening of the intestinal wall. All these changes In a patient with a characteristic history, the investi- are non-specic and the main purpose of the barium gation with the greatest likelihood of achieving a meal is to detect diverticula, stulae or Crohns dis- diagnosis is jejunal biopsy. If,becauseitisnotabsorbedhigherupthe gut, the disaccharide reaches the colon, the anaerobic Diverticular disease bacteria there ferment it so that hydrogen can be detected in the breath at about 90min. The hydrogen Diverticula occur anywhere in the alimentary tract breath test can also be used to assess small-bowel but occur chiey in the colon causing diverticulosis. It is a much less common and tends to affect the absorption disorder of middle and old age, more common in only of fat and proteins and to leave the absorption of women than men, and is usually discovered inciden- sugars, minerals and water-soluble vitamins relatively tally during barium enema performed to exclude unaffected. Anaemia is common and may be iron-decient, Inamed diverticula produce diverticulitis with: megaloblastic or both (dimorphic).

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